Employers Know Your Rights & Protections

By the end of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Avoid unnecessary and costly litigation at the Labour Court and Industrial Court
  • Know the statutory and inherent rights of Employers and Employees
  • Ensure compliance with Employment Contracts by7 employees
  • Know the protection against illegal action by employees
  • Know the remedies available to Employers against indiscipline and poor performance by employees
  • Aware of their rights under the Law


1.   The Employment Act 1955

  • Employment Contracts
  • Statutory Requirements
  • Change of Ownership / Poor Business

2.   The Industrial Relations Act 1967

  • Employers Prerogatives
  • Dealing with Unfair dismissal (Sec 20)
  • Understand the Role and Functions of the Industrial Court

3.   employers Rights Pertaining To

  • Probationers
  • Absentees
  • Medical Leave Delinquents
  • Poor Performance
  • Inefficiency
  • Habitual Late-Comers
  • Major Misconduct
  • Permissible Disciplinary Action

4.   Employers Rights Pertaining To Termination Of Contracts

  • Frustration of Contracts
  • Medical Board-Out
  • Expiry of Fixed Term Contracts
  • Retirement

5.   Legalities Pertaining To:

  • Downsizing
  • Reduction of Benefits and Increments
  • Pay / Salary Cuts
  • Voluntary Separation Scheme
  • Transfer / Training

6.   Legalities Pertaining To Retrenchment Exercises

  • Procedure for Retrenchment
  • The LIFO Principle
  • The Code of Conduct for Industrial Harmony
  • The Industrial Court Awards and Legal Precedents

7.   General Principles Enunciation By The Industrial Court Pertaining To Employers-
      Employees Relations

  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Misconduct
  • Breach of Contract

8.   The Recommendations Of The Code Of Conduct For Industrial Harmony 1975 on

This course is essentially participative and practical, emphasizing learning through experience, both from structured activities on the program eg. Role plays, group work, video screening, case studies and discussion from individual experience.

This course is designed for Managing Directors, General Managers, Directors, Human Resources / Admin / Finance / Factory Personnel who handle and are responsible  for human resource management.

Event Properties

Date 05-15-2018
Event End Date 05-16-2018
Individual Price MYR1,700.00
Crystal Crown
No.12, Jalan Utara, PJS 52 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46700 Malaysia
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