Anger Management (Specifically In A Hospital & Healthcare System)

In the course of discharging your duties, it is inevitable that you will come across customers, clients and colleagues who will direct their anger at you.  Moreover, in the midst of stressful situations, you will need to manage your own feelings of anger, dissatisfaction and stress as well.

Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand anger in the context of the workplace (specifically in a hospital and healthcare system)
  • Manage anger in yourself so that your work performance can remain effective and efficient in all the situations
  • Handle angry people around you in order to ensure relationships and interpersonal interactions are kept optimum for peak performance at work


Module 1 - Introduction

  • What is Anger and how does Anger Management play a role in your work?
  • Case scenarios of anger situations at work
  • Discussions of your reactions towards the anger of others

Module 2 – Types Of Anger

  • What are the categories of anger you face from your patients & family members?
  • What types of anger do you experience yourself?
  • How do you detect & identify anger in others and yourself?

Module 3 – Precursors To Anger

  • What sparks off anger in yourself and others?
  • What are the underlying reasons leading to anger?
  • How do you identify and derail the anger process?

Module 4 – Protecting Yourself From Anger

  • Approaches to fortify your sensitivities from the surge of anger and verbal attack of angry patients & their families
  • Prevention of anger from welling up in yourself
  • Ways to defuse a hurtful situation in your mind

Module 5 – Role Of Fear In Anger Management

  • How to identify which personality you belong to in terms of anger management
  • Clarifying the pain-pleasure polarities in anger motivation
  • Identifying anger-motivation traits in your customers / patients / families of patients

Module 6 – The Role Of Stress Factors

  • How does stress play a role in instilling anger
  • Doe stress management help in anger management?
  • Simple stress relieving techniques

Module 7 – Group Discussion

  • Debate in workbook article
  • Differing schools of thoughts on healthy vs unhealthy anger
  • Brief recap

Module 8 – Dealing With Toxic People

  • Fortifying your mind and heart from verbal abuse
  • Mental self-defense : the tool in staying calm and happy
  • Using NLP interventions to tackle thick situations

Module 9 – Sensing Your Surroundings

  • Getting in touch with reality during stressful situations
  • Moving from being self-absorbed to being more engaged with the world
  • Learning when to open up and when to shut down

Module 10 – Connecting With Others

  • How to communicate better in order to avoid confrontations / misunderstandings
  • How to express your anger in a non-intimidating way
  • Clarifying your feelings with reflection exercises

Module 11 – How To Take Action

  • Letting it out without putting others down
  • After-hours exercises that can help you feel better about bad colleagues, tough patients & their family
  • Psychological interventions that are fun & anger relieving

Module 12 – Stress Release In Managing Your Anger

  • Simple stress releasing exercises
  • Creating a happy environment at work
  • Final suggestion and ideas

This program is suitable for Clerks, Supervisors, Operators, Line Leaders, Team Leaders, Executives, Officers, Administrators, Receptionist, Managers and anyone who are prone to anger and would like to learn how to control and de-stress his / her anger management.

This stimulating program will maximizes the understanding and learning through lecture, discussion, case studies and practical activities.  

Event Properties

Date 05-18-2018
Event End Date 05-19-2018
Individual Price MYR1,400.00
Crystal Crown
No.12, Jalan Utara, PJS 52 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46700 Malaysia
Crystal Crown