Autodesk 3D Max Design Essential to Advance

3D Max Essential Course Outline

Introduction to 3ds Max

  • The stages of the 3D pipeline: modelling, materials, lighting, cameras, animation and rendering

The Max interface

  • The menu bar, tool bars and panels
  • Activating and arranging viewports
  • The Command Panel

Drawing precision

  • Grids explained
  • The Transform Managers
  • Using Axis Constrainers

Modelling in 3ds Max

  • The Create Panel
  • Fundamentals of modelling
  • Creating primitive based objects
  • Lofting and Lathing

Arranging a scene

  • The various selection methods
  • Pivot points explained
  • The move, rotate and scale transforms
  • Aligning objects
  • Cloning and grouping objects
  • Creating and using selection sets
  • Positioning and adjusting camerasImporting from AutoDesk
  • Opening Vis Render files
  • Importing from AutoCAD (.dwg)

Modifying objects

  • The Modify panel
  • Object modifiers


  • Different types of light sources
  • Positioning and adjusting lights

he Materials Editor

  • The Materials Editor interface
  • Adjusting materials
  • Specular, diffuse and ambient colour
  • Glossiness and opacity
  • The Material Library
  • Reflection and bump maps

Rendering a still image

  • Render parameters and options

Animating a scene

  • Animation controls
  • Controlling time
  • Adding and animating cameras

Rendering an animated scene

  • Rendering parameters

3D Max Advance Course Outline


  • Further modelling in Max
  • Creating compound objects: (Boolean and Morphing)
  • Lathing
  • Patch grids (Tri and Quad)
  • Nurbs modelling (surfaces and curves)

Particle systems and space warps

  • Particle systems – Spray, Super spray, PArray, Snow, Blizzard etc
  • Space warps – Geometric/Deformable
  • Particles, Bombs and Dynamics


  • The Trackview interface
  • Using Trackview
  • The Schematic View

Advanced camera techniques

  • Using dummy objects
  • Attaching Camera Target to objects
  • Event driven animation
  • Using Viewport Navigation tools to manipulate cameras and lightsInverse kinematics
  • Joint parameters
  • Animating with inverse kinematics

Video post

  • Adding scene events
  • Adding image input events
  • Adding image filter events
  • Adding image layer events
  • Adding image output events
  • Applying lens effects


  • Common parameters
  • Volumetric lighting
  • Volumetric fog

Tips, tricks and extras

  • Useful plug-ins and websites

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